New 2011 iMacs Restrict Upgrade Options

The new 2011 iMacs look amazing but recent observations from some fellow geeks over at Other World Computing have revealed that Apple are now restricting users from upgradig or replacing their Hard Disk Drives on their new 2011 iMac. This is unless ofcourse you book your mac in at an authorised Apple service center and have it replaced with another magical HDD using a non standard 7pin connector and special Apple proprietary firmware on the hard drive itself.

This poses a few problem for the DIY or time/cost concious Mac user:

1. Apple will likely charge higher prices for their special drives.

2. When your drive fails (and it will), you have no option but to take it to an apple service center which can sometimes take days to turnaround a simple repair or replacemnt.

3. People unaware of this new restriction before the purchase of their shiny new iMac will suddenly find themselves with limited options.

This is a very interesting development indeed. I think i'll be passing on any mac forcing these restrictions - and I was really looking forward to making use of those new thunderbolt ports!