Product review: Netgear N600 – DGND3700

Purchased from: Officeworks Mona Vale
Price $237

Long story short – Not worth the money – wifi range is no better than devices half the price!
I recently purchased this for home use with the primary reason being it had a wifi on/off button on the front meaning I could easily turn the wifi off at bed time or when leaving the house. The two reasons for this need were:

    1.    So I didn't have to have wifi going through my body whilst sleeping at night (I usually turn it off in the config before going to sleep but a manual button is nice.)

    2.    Better network security. The great features advertised on the box such as “best” wifi range, gigabit ethernet and USB for attachable storage were also appealing. I picked one up from Officeworks at the full retail price of $237 (This was a forgetful mistake as Officeworks have advertised for years that they will beat any price by 5%).

+ Installation was quick and easy
+ My internet speed actually increased by about 1Mbps

- Wireless range was worse than my current Belkin N300 wireless router which which is half the price of the Netgear.

- Wireless activity is not displayed on front of router, instead you get a constant light with no flicker.
- When trying to play around with the settings I found that the level of configuration available was also quite basic and therefore was not able to squeeze any better performance out of the wireless signal apart from what came from changing the wireless channel which was minimal.
My final thoughts: steer clear unless you don't care about wifi.

I give the netgear n600 a 5/10