Product Review: NetComm NP206 Wireless Powerline Kit

Purchased from: Officeworks Mona Vale

Price $199

The NetComm Wireless Powerline products are great for anyone needing to extend their network beyond the boundaries of their existing wifi range or for anyone not wanting to pay contractors to put ethernet cable through the roof or walls. I have always been a bit skeptical of these devices but after having two success stories i've been converted.

Netcomm powerline kits aren't cheap but give amazing flexibility when trying to extend the range of your network throughout the home or office compared to ethernet or wifi. When installing the NP206 or any of the other powerline kits, make sure you are using them on the same circuit and have both plugged directly into a wall socked (not a powerboard).

Some users have mentioned that the passwords supplied with the documentation have been incorrect, however this can be fixed by using the utilities available here:

Users have also reported that the unit gets quite hot and that it makes a high pitch whine when turned on. Keep these things in mind when deciding where to position the units in the home or office. It may not be suitable for the bedroom.

My final thoughts on this one: If you are ok with the slight drawbacks such as the temperature and reported high pitch whine (which I never noticed) then this is a great alternative to wifi extenders or laying your own ethernet cable.

I give the NP206 an 8/10

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