Cheatsheet For Mac

How to save yourself 8 Days/ year

Two words - Keyboard Shortcuts

Say whaaaat?

Yes, they really do help you save time. And now there's a great new free & simple way to learn them!

Cheatsheet for Mac allows you to quickly and easily check up on the keyboard shortcuts for any application you are currently using by simply holding down the command key. 


Cheatsheet is great for anyone who wants to save time whilst doing every day tasks through use of keyboard shortcuts.

The folks over at the brainscape blog say that by using keyboard shortcuts you could be saving yourself a total of:

8 days per year!

Making this an amazing application for anyone who wants to get their work done faster and go on holiday! Cheatsheet for mac gives a clean and simple list of commands that can be used for the current application and best of all it's free!