Should I upgrade to Mountain Lion?


OK, so the big question... To update or not to update?!?

I am always very careful before switching to a new OS, but with only a $20 price tag it's hard to say no. As with any new OS there is usually always a bug or two and some changes that may take getting used to. Before upgrading I'll usually read quite a few reviews beforehand to get a feel for what the pros and cons of the update are. This blog post is to help those still sitting on the fence to make a decision. 

Mountain Lion is technically nothing like Lion, which is a good thing. My experience from the first day of it's release has been a good one, It's polished, stable and way faster. In contrast, the first few weeks with Lion were frustrating to say the least. The only real concern around Mountain Lion at this stage is that many users are seeing decreased battery life in laptop devices. I have not experienced this issue with my macbook pro, however I usually have it plugged in most of the time...

Stability, speed and usability are usually what matter most to me when considering an upgrade so any useful features are an added bonus. With Mountain Lion there are quite a few added bonuses. Some of my favourite include:


Brings iMessages to the mac to allow you to message iPhone and iPad devices.


Originally another app only for iOS, allows you to create lists and tasks that can synced between your other apple devices.

Notification Center

Allows you to see information important to you within other applications at a glance.

Safari 6.0

My favourite features in the latest version of safari on Mountain Lion is the new share button and the smart search field. This isn't exactly a new feature in the browser market but a great addition to safari none the less.

Airplay Mirroring

Airplay mirroring is flawless, great for if you want to be able to non apple supported content to your big screen or give a presentation.

VIP's in Mail

My second favourite feature after Messages. VIP's allows you to add mail contacts to a special vip list so you'll never overlook an important email again.

Twitter Integration

Pretty self explanatory, saves a bit of time.

All in all, Mountain lion is a HUGE improvement over Lion and an OS I would reccomend it to anyone. Nuff Said.